Group Sales

Now that conserving cash is the national obsession, EMBOUZ has created a new type of discount “club”, where friends and neighbors can buy in bulk and sharing the savings.

What Does Group Buy Mean?

Group buying is another way of saying "making a purchase to get a group discount." The idea is that the more people that are involved in the purchase, the lower the overall price is for each of them. Businesses often offer group discounts to encourage more customers to buy their products and/or services; they benefit from the uptick in revenue, while you (and the other members of the group) benefit by saving money by bulk buying a product or service from a single source.
Taking advantage of group buy opportunities is one way to potentially increase savings on everything from dining out to household expenses to entertainment. The group buy concept isn't new but there are a few things you'll need to know to master it for maximum savings.

How Group Buying Works?

Did you know that you can save up to 95 percent when you buy products/services using group buying services? It's possible! A group buy can be executed in a few different ways. The simplest and perhaps most obvious is to band together with a group of like-minded shoppers to take advantage of a group discount offered by EMBOUZ, this allows the retailers to give bulk discounts as well, prompting a win-win situation both for them and their clients.

Finding ways to save money creatively is sometimes a challenge. After all, there are only few things you can cut from your budget. If you'd like to increase your savings, you may need to try an entirely different approach altogether. Contact Us.