Wireless Radio Station Swr Watt Meter Dual-pin 60/300w Power Meter Transmitter Standing Wave Meter With Backlight as picture show

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Balance: When the electric iridium is tilted 90 degrees back and forth relative to the standard position, the deviation between the position of the pointer and the center of the zero scale.

Pointer sticking: Instantly add an overcurrent of three times the full scale current, and then slowly decrease to 1/2 of the full scale current after 7 seconds.

The needle may stick to the bottom due to different environmental temperatures, but the needle should return to the specified range.

Model: P-64XA-BGB-S0233
High precision and good quality
60/300W both hands range
With 12V white backlight
Size: 7.2*7.2*4.2cm
Weight: 76g
Movable part: movable coil type
Appearance: See attached page for details
Pointer material: zinc-nickel alloy
Pointer color: black
Pointer swing direction: from left to right
Pointer length: 49+-lmm from the needle end to the axis
1. Current Sensitivity: the direct current required for the pointer to be at the zero scale to the position shown on the scale plate
2.Maximum current sensitivity: the direct current required by the pointer at the zero scale to the full scale position of the scale plate
3. Internal DC impedance
4. Insulation resistance: test the insulation value with 500V DC voltage, the insulation resistance between the electric iridium shell and the electrical circuit
5. Friction: After the electric iridium is added with the sensitivity current, it is slowly reduced to zero, and the error between the pointer position and the zero scale center
6. Zero position: the electric brake is in the standard position, the zero-scale center is the reference, and the deviation between the position of the pointer and the zero-scale center
7. Pointer swing: add the maximum current in a linear manner within 5 seconds, and then decrease to zero in a linear manner within 5 seconds
Packing list:
Watt meter * 1
Note: All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only, the color deviation is subject to actual system configuration.

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