E27 9W 18 LED PIR Motion Sensor Bulb, Warm White

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Use method and matters needing attention: 1, the LED human body induction lamp does not work when the light is bright, until the light effect dark will work 2, the LED human body induction lamp mounted sideways wall height should be 1.2-2.3 meters in between, roof height should be in 3 to 4 meters, otherwise it will affect the induction angle. 3, please turn off the power supply when installing 4, to avoid the installation of the place where the strong light

Product advantage 1, all adopt high lumens 5730 SMD LED lamp 18 high brightness, low attenuation 2, the use of imported large window induction head, induction angle width greater than 130 degrees, the distance is far greater than 5 meters 3, the use of relay control service life is long (more than 2 years) less 4, the use of unique circuit design, low static power consumption, strong anti-interference ability Application environment: Home Furnishing corridor, corridor, Home Furnishing balcony, Restroom, public aisle, underground parking lot.


1, color?White

2, input voltage: AC85-265V

3, output power: 9 W

4, light emitting angle: 120 degrees

5, light color warm white color temperature: 2800 - 3500K

6, working temperature: -20 degrees C ~40

7, working humidity: 5%~95%

8, storage temperature: ~80 C -20 C

9, material: plastic +PC (transparent, mist)

10, style: E27 lamp

11, life: >50000 hours

12, color index: 80 - 70

13, the luminous flux: 9W 750lm + 10%

14, the whole lamp size: 80*115mm 9W

Main technical index:

1, induction distance: 5-8 meters, induction angle of 150 degrees

2, time delay: 60 + 10% seconds (adjustable)

3, light range: less than 8-12LUX

4, induction time interval: 3 seconds

5, power on self test time: 120 seconds

package content?1*led bulb

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